It's Time to Refine: 6 Pillars of Effective Sensory OT Practice

Improve your impact and your income by using an evidence-informed framework for clinical reasoning.


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  • When is it? Watch LIVE Monday, August 30th 11:30 am EST. A replay will be sent to all who register and will remain available for only 24hrs following the webinar.
  • Where is it? Join in via ZOOM from your laptop/desktop/phone.
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Kelly Beins, OTR/L, Senior Occupational Therapist x 26 years, Sensory Integration Certified and Private Practice Owner, Consultant & Author
  • Why should I register? Change or refine the way you think and work with clients and families. This is one of few OT specific resources that helps to translate PVT into practical tools you can use at any stage of your career. Stay current on emerging science. Advance your clinical reasoning and elevate the profession.
  • What's it all about? Learn 6 essential layers to consider as you navigate challenging scenarios in your clinical practice. Learn more about polyvagal theory as foundational to OT intervention, and learn practical strategies you can use immediately for assessment, treatment planning and working with clients and families who struggle with sensory processing challenges.. Full details below.

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This is a LIVE event. A Replay will be made available for 24 hours after the event.

Best Practices from 25+ Years of Clinical Work

"In my first Polyvagal webinar, I shared what I saw as key areas of alignment between Polyvagal Theory (PVT) and OT. Now I'd like to share my framework for how we can integrate these concepts to enhance and elevate the work that we do in the world. Acknowledgement of the role that sensory plays in human function is now indisputable. While there's still work to do, we've moved from defining "sensory" to now building our capacity to translate that knowledge into replicable evidence informed models of practice. I have seen that when we use an integrated practice model rooted in PVT, Ayres SI, and parent partnership, practice gets easier. Children and families experience more joy, and the power of connection through doing becomes a medium for great and lasting change in the lives of our clients."

Kelly has worked with hundred's of children and families and is a sensory parent herself. She is a Home Program Coach and consultant for Unyte/iLs facilitating Dr.Porges' SSP program with families around the world and she works clinically in her own pediatric practice. Problems of regulation are one of the most common reasons for referral in both programs and PVT provides a way to deepen and broaden the entire OT "toolbox" for supporting children with developmental, daily living and relationship challenges.

In this webinar, I'll be sharing with you, my 6 pillars of practice, and I will challenge some of the current standards for working with children who have sensory challenges. See you there!"

Kelly Beins, OTR/L - Occupational Therapist, Consultant & Author "Ovis Has Trouble with School."


Why learn from Kelly?

"Kelly you always articulate things in ways I never could. I feel like I can now say things to parents in a way that makes sense." - OTR/L (Private Practice, VA)

"Kelly your content was soooo great! Awesome quality and so genius to put this together.  - Ashley Reina (CEO & Co-Founder, Therabyte App)

"Wow! I've been looking for something that pulls all the pieces together and you've helped me do that." - OTR/L Private Practice Owner, NJ

"Thanks for something I can use today!" - Senior OT, SI Certified (Private Practice Owner, UK)

“You always provide value. You are the whole package." - OTR/L x 17 years (Private Practice Owner, FLA)

During This FREE Training, You Will Learn:

  • How Polyvagal Theory overlaps with OT Principles for Treating Sensory Challenges.
  • 6 Pillars of Practice & Why they Matter
  • Assessment & Anchor Senses (And Why Sensory "Diet" No Longer Applies)
  • Case examples of "Mixed States of Arousal" & How "Co-Regulation" goes beyond Calming
  • Task Analysis for Supporting Engagement not just Performance
  • How & Why Mindset & Personal Beliefs Influence Client Outcomes
  • Polyvagal-Informed Operational Tweaks to assist with Practice Flow
  • How to continue progressing skills in a polyvagal-informed practice; applicable resources; mentorship & coaching opportunities
  • Answer Your Questions. This is a live training. Kelly will answer your questions or guide you to answers based on the presentation.
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