This webinar is for pediatric occupational therapists wanting more effective & evidence based sensory interventions.

Re-thinking Sensory Diets:

3 Reasons they Don't Work and What to do Instead!

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Here Are the Details for This Webinar

  • When is it? Watch at your leisure. The webinar is a recording!
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Kelly Beins, OTR/L, SI certified with 25+ yrs of clinical practice
  • Why should I be there? To build clinical skills in sensory processing and thus pave the way for more effective treatment
  • What's it all about? Learn a NEW two-part framework for implementing and teaching "sensory diets". Cost is $25. Full details below.

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The live event has ended but the recording is available for purchase!

Best Practices from 25+ Years of Experience Combining OT-SI & Mental Health

"The overlap of sensory and behavior is undeniable. As understanding about the role of sensory processing as a determining factor of behaviors has grown, so too has the popularity of sensory diets. However, it's time to refine our approach, (and possibly the term) based on current evidence and research from within and outside our field. It's not about the stuff, it's what we do with it and HOW we use it that matters most.

We need to remember and educate about the therapeutic process, have realistic expectations, and measure outcomes.

In this webinar, I'll be sharing my 2 part framework and best practices of what's worked for me and other OT's I've mentored. See you there!"

Kelly Beins - Occupational Therapist, Speaker, Children's Author


During This Training, You Will Learn:

  • The 3 Reasons Sensory Diets Don't Work. We all want them to work. Parents ask for them. We love the pretty visuals and spend lots of time creating them. But for multiple reasons, we rarely get lasting success or extended carryover. We’ll break down these reasons and learn what to do instead or in addition to the current standards.
  • The #1 Thing Therapists often Forget When Implementing Sensory Strategies. It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, every client and family are different. We will discuss returning to the roots of client-centered and occupation centered practices to implement sensory supports.
  • Two Types of Sensory Diets along with Pro's & Con's of Each! Kelly will present a new simple yet dynamic framework for sensory diets which helps to clearly articulate expectations to families and to measure outcomes so we can be more effective and more evidence-based in our practice.
  • What Parents Need in order to Carryover with Sensory Strategies. The current way of using sensory diets emphasizes the child's sensory needs. This is important but potentially short-sighted. You will learn to identify and factor in the role and needs of the parent when developing sensory diets.
  • Practical and Reproducible Methods for Educating Parents about Sensory Life & Sensory Support Plans. Kelly will show you how this framework helps to simplify tracking, execution, and parent education.
  • Answer Your Questions. This is a recording of a live training. Reach out to Kelly via email if you have questions after watching. She will be happy to guide you based on webinar content!