Do you:

  • Believe in and want a “best practice” model?
  • second guess your assessments or sessions?
  • stumble over your words with parents?
  • fear you may be missing something?
  • feel frustrated after attending expensive CEU courses only to finish STILL confused or unsure of next steps with clients a few weeks later?
  • want a way to tie all the pieces of what you already know, together to make bigger differences with your ongoing real clients?

It's time to consider joining the "The Sensory Collective"! Commit, to creating more impact and income in your sensory practice. It's time to refine based on evidence and use of a clear framework for clinical reasoning and within a professional learning community. You can build more skills in use of an integrated practice model while also navigating the up's and down's of private practice. This experience is more about transformation than information. Think differently so you can “do” differently! We are better together.


Mentorship Options

Making it easier for sensory OT's to grow IMPACT and INCOME.


Private Mentorship - Intensive

1:1 Coaching 2x/month + Voxer support + Juniper Video Coaching + Sensory Collective Membership - (Annual commitment)


(Discovery call Required)



Sensory Collective Group Coaching

Support, Accountability, & Confidence - 6 month commitment



Why Join?


Private Mentorship

1:1 coaching 1x/month + Voxer support + Juniper Video Coaching + Sensory Collective membership (Annual commitment)


(Discovery Call Required)



The Sensory Collective?

It's an exciting time to be a sensory OT! Awareness of sensory processing has grown. New diagnostic criteria for many conditions and much research have advanced our field. Renowned neuroscientists like Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. Bruce Perry acknowledge the role that sensory plays in foundations of human function at any age. And there are more options for advanced study & certification in sensory integration and treatment.

Yet sensory can remain confusing and overwhelming and intimidating; every client is different with unique profiles, brain science is a massive field. Certification can be expensive and time consuming; there are differing frameworks for the treatment of SI. Finally, few (if any) programs provide ongoing support once you finish.

The Sensory Collective group coaching program delivers relevant evidence-based content you can use with your caseload every day to build real skills! It's like mid-career fieldwork in your own private practice! Listen live or on your own time. A real community of learning. We use a framework I call "6 Pillars of Practice", to guide all discussions.

Are you ready for confidence, better outcomes with clients, practical tools you can use, "sensory support" and accountability along the way?


Wow! Just Wow! Bringing it back to education and research and putting the pieces together is so incredibly helpful for me!"

— Sam O. OTR/L

"The sensory collective has brought a fresh perspective, filled in many knowledge gaps and most importantly grounded my therapeutic identity as I connected with OT's from all over [North America]."

- Julie R. OT(c)/L

"Yes! Let's do this! I'm in...and so invested in learning from you and collectively with the is HUGELY important to me to be receiving mentorship and support for myself so I can bring more to the people I with with."

- Brooke S. OTR/L

It's Great to Meet You!

I'm Kelly. I've been an OT for 27 years and SI certified for 17. Over the course of my career, I've been a group clinic owner, an administrator, a consultant and I've worked extensively in program development. I am also a published children's book author ("Ovis Has Trouble with School" and "Ovis Has Trouble with Eating") and I am an international speaker on topics of sensory and development. I work as a strategic clinical consultant with Unyte/iLs and mentor other therapists in sensory processing.

Credentials aside, I LOVE explaining the science behind the seemingly simple things we do in OT! I have become passionate about putting words to our practice so that we can refine it and make it better for our clients. Those who know me, know I'm a neuro-geek, and it excites me to no end, that the worlds of sensory processing and mental health are converging like never before, and that we as OT's can be at the forefront of supporting clients in new scientifically proven ways to have even greater impact in their lives.

I have worked most of my career on my own. I know how hard it can be without someone to ask or to learn from. I also know how challenging it is to carry over learning from high-end (expensive) trainings only to still struggle, yet try our best, for clients. I also know the power of connection; for us AND our clients. It's why I created The Sensory Collective...It's time to do things we learn AND how we work with clients!!


Here's What to Expect When you Join "The Sensory Collective"


This 6 month-long group coaching program is based on "6 Pillars of Practice"

  • Assessment & Goal Writing
  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Foundations of Intervention
  • Working with Families
  • Mindset Matters
  • Practice Matters

Using the framework, you will build your capacity for clinical reasoning and infuse concepts of Polyvagal Theory into how you navigate behavioral challenges, how you lead clients and parents, and how you practice sensory-based therapy. This membership is affordable, rich in content, incorporates a group coaching model and builds community but offers flexibility for how and when you learn. Get ongoing support for hard cases when you need it and celebrate wins you have with clients. We are here to cheer you on AND challenge you to think outside the box as you learn to think on your feet using an integrated model of practice.

OT's who enroll in this group coaching program have at least 3-5 years of experience and work in private practice in varied settings. ALL members increase confidence and competence, right away!!  What could your practice look like in 6 months, if you commit to making change? I am inspired by our members each and every day!

6 Month Commitment is Required. GUARANTEED LEARNING!

Here's what you get ...



We'll use two zoom calls per month to take a deeper dive into one of "The 6 Pillars of Practice". All members set impact and income goals and through discussion of real client cases we'll use "The 6 Pillars of Practice Framework", to guide review of session videos, documentation & reports, provide feedback, explore topics relevant to our sensory practice, and brainstorm hurdles encountered by each of our members. Pillars include: 1) Assessment & Goal Writing, 2) Polyvagal Theory 3) Foundations of Intervention 4) Working with Families 5) Mindst Matters 6) Practice Matters

  • Zoom Calls are 75 min's
  • Zooms are Scheduled Months in Advance (Typically Wednesdays)
  • Join Live or just listen with Video Off
  • Replay Recordings are Made Available



Kelly offers two FB LIVE's per week to address Mindset and Clinical skills respectively. On Mondays, Kelly shares a topic related to mindset along with a related practical strategy you can use to make shifts in your practice. On Thursdays, Kelly does 1:1 case coaching where members get clinical peer supervision as they problem solve LIVE, various challenges they face in their respective caseloads.

  • LIVE's are 30 min's
  • LIVE's are Scheduled Weeks in Advance (typically Mondays & Thursdays)
  • Join Live or Just Listen
  • Replay Recordings are Made Available
  • All members get the opportunity for help with hard cases
  • Learn from other member cases
Yes Please...



Membership gives you access to The Sensory Collective private Facebook Community, where you get private access to FB LIVE's, members post questions, seek input, share win's from the week and support each other in solo-practice!

Posts will expand upon content from zoom calls or present new information and resources based on needs of the membership. Printable useable resources get shared in the group and via email each month.

  • Useable templates & resources are shared monthly
  • Members get first access to webinars & workshops
  • Member shout-out's & challenges, are used to promote each member practice and build group cohesion
  • Get inspired; stay motivated; use the community to achieve your practice goals